Accessory Dwelling Units

Due to our numerous years in the ADU construction business, we are acquainted with that garage conversions and additions of room are great ways to raise your residence’s value and supply you with extra income. ADU conversions are lucrative and less demanding than having to sell your property or buy a new residence. Our ADU service providers will keep your design requests in mind, and walk you through every step of the procedure. From planning to selection of material to the ended product, BNH Construction’s contractors will assist you get a functional and affordable ADU.

Our ADU service providers offer an extensive range of design alternatives for you to choose from. With over 15 years of experience, we assure an immediate, easy and modified ADU conversion procedure. When you make a decision to go with BNH Construction, we will ensure to incorporate all the features you want into your new living space. If you prefer your garage converted or a new guest home in the garden, we will deal with all endorsement legalities and blueprint designs. One more interesting part of ADU is their internal designs. Our work does not end with the edifice. To ensure that customers are receiving the inclusive package, we teamed up with designers who assist to ensure that the service we are providing our customers is flawless and complete.


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